Garry Creath

Owner of Making Clients Happy

OFFICE: 512.872.2501


So why did I become a real estate professional?

Would you be surprised to learn I’m a third generation real estate professional. Though I didn’t plan on selling real estate as a student, when my father passed away while I was in college, the calling was strong to join the “family business”.

How long have I been selling real estate?

If you include all the years I helped my parents out, then you could say I’ve been selling real estate all my life. But it became a passion right after I got out of college.

Where do I live?

Right now, I live in West Lake, but I’ve lived all over Austin. And I’ve been inside homes and studied every local market in the Austin area.

What’s my favorite restaurant?

My favorite restaurant is my home. I love to cook and prepare meals, so it’s always my first choice. But second any farm-to-table restaurant in the Austin area.

Something people are surprised to learn about me?

For 10 years, I was a fire fighter and first responder for the West Lake Fire Department.

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